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Where to record shop in shibuya tokyo
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5 Local Things to Do in Ginza
Coin Lockers in Tokyo

Luggage Storage and Coin Lockers in Shibuya

Here are 5 neighborhoods you should definitely not miss on your next trip to Tokyo
5 days in Tokyo

Here’s how to spend 5 days in Tokyo
Nakagin capsule tower tokyo architecture

The Nakagin Capsule Tower is a relic from the Metabolism era

3 Off The Beaten Path Japan Nature Adventures If you want to experience nature in Japan, you’re in luck. Japan has some of the most brilliant nature reserves in the world. Here are …
Busan Marine City Architecture

Marine City, Busan, South Korea – A Futuristic Architectural Gem
tokyo neighborhood guide

A Quick Guide for How to Understand the Organization of Japan Here’s a quick guide to help you grasp how Japan is organized, both geographically and administratively. This helps to make sense of …

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