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Tour Inside a $40 Million NYC 78th Floor Penthouse | Lockdown Heaven

Tour Inside a $40 Million NYC 78th Floor Penthouse | Lockdown Heaven

  • Bored inside your apartment during lockdown? Dream about this $40 million Penthouse in NYC. Take a tour.

Tour inside this Gorgeous $40 Million NYC 78th-floor Penthouse

With lockdowns and work from home, I find myself discovering a lot of new YouTube channels. This particular channel by Enes Yilmazer popped up on my recommendations, Inside a $39.5 Million New York City Penthouse with Amazing views. 

I’m not in love with New York City so I initially ignored this video. Yet, it just goes to show that your reality is a construct of where you live and what you can afford. The detail of this property is absolutely stunning and the views are gorgeous. I’m also obsessed with the bathrooms and decor and the framing of nearly every single room with a gorgeous view. The fact that it’s on the 78th floor I think significantly adds to the majestic appeal of this place.

I love perusing properties and sometimes watching these kinds of videos because I think a part of me just honestly won’t ever feel satisfied with not striving for something extraordinary. You don’t need to have a $40 million NYC penthouse, obviously, but when you say “I’ll never have that, or this could never happen,” you inevitably end up with self-imposed limitations on your own reality and you end up basically living within a predictable range of existence. I think it’s good to be a few parts realistic and a couple of parts delusional. Some people say money can’t buy happiness – they are wrong. Just not fulfillment.

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