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Top Winter Resorts in Bulgaria

Top Winter Resorts in Bulgaria

  • Here are some exciting winter destinations in Bulgaria.
top winter resorts in bulgaria

Winter is the perfect time to visit Bulgaria, one of the most underestimated European destinations. Affordable prices, hospitable people, and natural attractions can recharge your batteries for the whole year. Although Bulgaria is a total charmer in summer with its golden sand beaches, its winter resorts offer you the Christmas spirit and lots of fun. Trust your adventures to reliable tour operators like Boiana MG to avoid any problems on your way.

Top Destinations for Winter in Bulgaria

If you want your personal winter wonderland, you have to ensure that you choose a location correctly. Although all the resorts on the list are considered to be prime choices, I believe, you might find that one is more appealing than the rest. Follow your gut, but don’t forget to make a list of pros and cons.

1. Borovets

Apart from the multiple ski tracks, professional famous instructors will offer to help you. You can sign up for group or individual lessons and learn how to ski or improve your skills. There is the longest cycle route that is open during the warm season. Borovets has a wide range of hotels to offer, from five-star options to the spa and wooden huts in the forest.

2. Bansko

Bansko has impressive ski tracks for beginners, intermediate skiers, and professionals. Almost all the tracks have snow machines and don’t really depend on the weather. There are cabin rope lifts for up to 8 people, chair lifts, and ski lifts for children.

3. Pamporovo

This ski resort is highly equipped with all you need on your journey. Yet, be prepared for lots of other skiers who come there to enjoy winter holidays and spectacular views. Snezhanka is the highest peak where the ski track starts. Its altitude is somewhere near 4600 ft to 6300 ft. This place is one of the 100 top tourist sites in Bulgaria.

4. Dobrinishte

This resort is situated in the Pirin Mountain, a beloved place of hikers and travelers around the country. If you want to receive a total relaxation experience, you can try a wide range of pools with mineral water that is naturally hot the entire year. If you are an experienced hiker or skier, you can choose to go to the Bezbog peak of the mountain. There is a chair lift from the Gotse Delchev hut, which I recommend.

5. Vitosha

Vitosha is actually a natural park created back in 1934. It is the first park of its kind that appeared in the Balkans. There are two big reserves on the territory. You can visit Turf and Bistritsa. Turf is considered to be the biosphere reserve. The resort offers 14 ski tracks with different levels of difficulty for everyone. The most popular ski centers there are Konyarnika-Vetrovala and Aleko. You can catch the cabin lift up there.

Which Resort to Visit?

If you are confused by the number of top resorts in Bulgaria and don’t know which one to choose, think about your main requirements. Vitosha is the closest one to the city and is easily accessible, while Dobrinishte offers pools. Pamporovo has unique mountains, Borovets is appealing with its unique landscapes, and Bansko is a popular place to spend holidays. 

You can start with one of them and visit others one by one, year after year. Don’t forget to share your impression of the article here, in the comments below.

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