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The Inside Tokyo Travel Blog

The Inside Tokyo Travel Blog

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The Inside Tokyo Travel Blog

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I created The Passport Lifestyle when I was living in Tokyo and what once started as a broader lifestyle and photography site, has refined its emphasis. It’s amazing to see a website grow because it’s the ultimate creative endeavor that evolves as you evolve. You start with a spark of inspiration and you have no choice but to embrace the creative process and watch a fuzzy vision become something clearer in the most unpredictable way.

I realize that I’ve accumulated a vast amount of knowledge specifically for Tokyo and Japan-related travel and my love and respect for Tokyo seems to translate to an effortless endeavor. This is the precise reason why I was able to write such a lengthy guidebook for Tokyo.

With that said, I’ve traveled to a lot of other countries and I will surely include these destinations as well. Additionally, this website is not just limited to travel, but it’s a reflection of myself and my own evolution over the years. I have a sincere interest in wellness, spirituality, photography, and tech, all of which inspire content creation.

Living in Tokyo has opened my eyes to a different reality, to a different and oftentimes better way of living, in my opinion. This website aims to reflect and embody the richness of Japan and Tokyo.

But, Tokyo is my favorite city in the world, and after living there for four years and endlessly exploring this fantastic city, I’ve decided to take that expert insider knowledge and turn it both into helpful Tokyo blog content as well as my book Hidden Tokyo.

This Tokyo travel blog can help give you ideas on how to better travel Tokyo as well as Japan. You’ll also find fresh ideas for Tokyo day trips as well as other exciting trips around Japan. My goal is to cover Tokyo as extensively as possible.

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