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Hidden Tokyo: The Only Tokyo Neighborhood Guidebook

Do you want to know what the best places to visit in Tokyo are? In addition to wanting to know the top Tokyo tourist attractions, do you want to know more? 

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The Ultimate tokyo city guide

I spent the last half of 2018 writing what I aspired to be the best Tokyo guide available. It took me almost six months to distill nearly four years of dense Tokyo exploration into this 400-page guidebook. This book extensively details the most in-depth advice you can find on this city, in one single place. 

I’m currently in the works of publishing it in print, but the digital version is now available.

Things to do in tokyo

Things to do in Tokyo
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In Hidden Tokyo, you will find over 600 things to do in Tokyo. This ranges from recommendations such as:

  • Top Views & Free Views in The City
  • The Coolest Capsule Hotels
  • Where to Find the Best Electronics in Tokyo
  • Where to Buy Used Cameras
  • Free Museums
  • Brilliant Souvenir Ideas
  • Where to Experience Traditional Japanese Culture
  • Where to Find the Coolest Architecture
  • And Hundreds of Other Brilliant Ideas
  • Weird Things to Do in Tokyo
  • Fun Things to Do in Tokyo
  • Off-The-Beaten-Path Tourist Attractions in Tokyo
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It’s endless.

I have a love for both art and architecture and Tokyo cannot be experienced without covering at least some of this terrain. One of my favorite things to do in Tokyo is to explore its fascinating architecture. Hidden Tokyo provides insight for appreciating and experiencing this side of Tokyo.

Within this guide, I provide a list of the best and most important pieces of architecture around the city. You’ll find recommendations for Mid-Century Modern, Contemporary, Traditional, Modern, and Metabolism.

For each neighborhood, there’s a breakdown of the top places to see and things to do in addition to recommendations for places to eat both traditional Japanese food, Western food, and even vegan and vegetarian spots.

Shibuya neighborhood guide
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In Shibuya, you’ll find an extensive list of favorite kissaten cafes as well as top spots to view the Shibuya Crossing.

In Harajuku, you’ll find shopping as well as vintage shopping recommendations, as well as where to eat the best pancakes in the city.

Additionally, in fifteen other districts, you’ll find a similar series of recommendations. This structure makes it easy to both see the city to its max and save time by already having a set of top recommendations at your disposal.

Tokyo is ripe with complexity, and this Tokyo guidebook will help you to appreciate this, but to also experience it on deeper level. The scope of this guide is vast, to say the least, but it’s a brilliant resource for those looking for an abundance of things to do in Tokyo

how to experience the best of tokyo

where to go in Tokyo Japan
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Hidden Tokyo will show you precisely where to go in Tokyo to have that epic and unforgettable experience. Although there are recommendations for places on the typical tourist path, you will find a goldmine of information for places that you can never possibly all know about without this guide – places that only a seasoned local or expat with a deep love for this city can actually write about. 

 I recommend my article, 17 Brilliant Only in Japan Things to Do. Hidden Tokyo is an extension of this article in its spirit. How can you possibly go to Tokyo without experiencing a purikura photo-booth, or having a Japanese tea ceremony, or singing boxed karaoke or simulating an earthquake? Tokyo is the most fun city on this planet.

Fun Things to do in Tokyo
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One of my favorite wisteria cafe gardens in Kamakura. Details on where to find it are in the book.


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