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5 Fantastic NYC Things to Do in The Meatpacking District

5 Fantastic NYC Things to Do in The Meatpacking District

5 Things to Do in NYC’s Meatpacking District

I’ve spent quite a bit of time in NYC since moving to Boston and each time I go, I end up gravitating to The High Line / Meatpacking District. Here are a few fun things to do.
It’s an older district, but today it’s also home to one of NYC’s most fashion-forward neighborhoods and some of our favorite food yet in the city. The High Line is one of the trendiest new places to live and the low-key lifestyle is refreshing.

When you think of NYC, you think Central Park, 5th Avenue, beeping horns, traffic, Rockefeller Center, and all that action.

What I love about the Meatpacking District is that it’s so much quieter. You can find dense cobblestone streets, less honking, more shopping, and an all-around calmer vibe. So here you go, five of my favorite things to do in NYC’s Meatpacking District.

1. Chelsea Market 

Things to do in NYC Meatpacking District

Chelsea Market has some of the best food in the city and it’s sad because now that we’ve discovered this hub of amazing food, we no longer want to branch out and try other stuff.

Los Tacos always has a crazy line, but these are voted on Yelp as some of the best tacos in both the city and the country.

Also, the sushi is pretty good in the fish market. The lobster rolls are good, there’s an excellent creperie’ as well that also serves gluten-free crepes, and there’s always some kind of sample sale going on. Don’t forget to check out Artist & Fleas for unique curated finds. Chelsea Market is definitely one of the best things to do in the Meatpacking District and is a must-see.

Also for food, check out Black Tap NYC for outrageous desserts, craft burgers, and beer. Check out these images, if sweets are your thing. You might want to stop by. But beware, lines can be up to two hours long.

2. Stroll the High Line 

Things to do in NYC Meatpacking District

I kinda hate that dogs aren’t allowed on the High Line, but I totally get it too. But taking a stroll down the High Line on a beautiful afternoon offers a refreshing and relaxed change of pace. It’s clean and pretty and peaceful and doesn’t feel like New York City.

 3. Shopping in the Meatpacking District

Things to do in NYC Meatpacking District

You can’t come here and not do at least some window shopping. Shopping is one of the top things to do in the Meatpacking District. You can spend a morning checking out all the cool stores and fashion-forward window displays.

4. Top of the Standard

Things to do in NYC Meatpacking District

The Boom Boom Room or Top of the Standard is one of the best rooftop bars I’ve ever been to. It’s worth checking out but be sure to make a reservation and check the dress code before going. It’s elegant and the view of NYC is simply breathtaking. Great for friends or a romantic date.

Also, The Standard is consistently my favorite place to stay in NYC, mainly because of the good energy and unparalleled light and views. The views in this hotel are simply the best so if you value aesthetics, mood, and stunning lighting and views, this place will not disappoint.

5. Check Out the Art Scene 

Things to do in NYC Meatpacking District2

Chelsea is known for having quite an art scene, so gallery hopping is a great way to spend the afternoon. The Milk Gallery is a popular and safe choice for contemporary art and photography. The Whitney Museum of American Art is also a popular place near the High Line.

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