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How to Unlock The Creative Process & Maximize Creative Energy

How to Unlock The Creative Process & Maximize Creative Energy

  • Tapping into the creative process is the key to success. Here are some tips to help get you there.
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How to Unlock the Creative Process & Maximize Creative Energy

Are you in need of creative inspiration? Do you procrastinate or not know how to get started? This article talks about how to unlock the creative process in order to maximize your creativity. 

Life can be so unpredictable, and at times, I can’t really believe that I’ve somehow ended up as a photographer and a blogger who are highly creative endeavors. It was not planned in any capacity. It was not the prescribed path that I had outlined for myself when I graduated college with a degree so totally in the opposite direction.

Yet, at some point years later, I found photography and I experienced some kind of ignition. When you feel something’s right for you, you just know because you enjoy what you’re doing naturally.

I remember moving to Tokyo after I just earned my Master’s degree and thought, “I should get a job in Tokyo because it will look good on my resume. It will help me out when I return to the States.” 

This was a calculated decision of the mind. Yet, everything inside of me said, “NO! Enjoy your precious time here, travel, and learn photography now that you have the opportunity. See where that goes.”

And even though I had plenty of adventures abroad, embarking on this new path in photography and online business creation has been an even bigger adventure in so many ways.

I can’t imagine what my life would be like and who I’d be if I listened to my mind and society and played it safe, so to speak. Listening to your heart is essential for the creative process to begin to unfold.

The creative process is what keeps you driven in ways that other motives or egocentric goals cannot.

But sometimes, even though you may enjoy what you’re creating, life gets hard and busy and it’s really easy to find the creative process to completely shutdown. You get into a rut. How do you get out of it?

How to Stimulate the Creative Process

When we find ourselves in a creative rut, it means that our mindsets are off in some way. For me, I’ve discovered that as long as I have some egocentric motivator for completing a project or anything creative, then I can’t fully let go and detach myself from trying to control the desired outcome of the situation.

This control interferes with the natural enjoyment of the situation. Inevitably, the creative process suffers, and especially in photography, my photographs become stale.

1. The Creative Process Requires Patience & Letting Go of All Expectations

If you’re trying to write a book or build a business, shoot photographs, design an app, etc., it’s important to just get started and to let go of any sense of control one might have on how this product or business or website should look like or turn out. This causes unnecessary stress that interferes with the creative process and natural flow state.

This tendency automatically sets you up into a mindset of control, which prevents one from taking exploratory steps forward and allowing the flow of creative energy to work through you. Instead, we get stuck with a rigid mindset and procrastination because you can’t figure out which step to take next, rather than trusting and letting it unfold naturally. Trusting the process to unfold rather than trying to calculate the next step is essential, although it goes against our logical nature.

When you can do this, creative energy will surge, and you’ll end up on a journey not totally unlike that traveling around the world.

2. Getting Started is the Most Important Part of the Creative Process

So many people want to do things, but the getting started part is the hardest. There are doubts and fears and uncertainties. It’s impossible to predict where the creative process will lead you, but the only thing you can do is take a leap of faith, follow your heart, and just get started.

It might be brutally hard, and you’ll have to work long hours creating and learning skills you never had before, but taking that first step and getting started is what’s most important. Then you can trust the process to unfold by releasing control over how things should turn out.

3. Check your Mindset & Face Fear

If you find yourself wanting to write a book or launch a business or go back to school, and then you end up stuck, your mindset could be the problem. Merely being aware of what your mind is saying about this process can be the entire solution.

Often, when we are stuck, we have a negative mindset or expectation about what will happen or won’t happen. Learning to be mindful and aware of any negative thoughts is essential to unlocking the creative process.

Fear also has a way of getting in the way of creativity and is directly related to mindset. When you’re starting something new or embarking on a creative project, fear will naturally arise, and it can prevent you from moving forward. It’s a natural block that can quite easily kill the creative process.

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