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Where to Record Shop In Shibuya Tokyo | An Insider’s Guide

Where to Record Shop In Shibuya Tokyo | An Insider’s Guide

  • Tokyo is ripe with record shops and vintage stores and Shibuya is a hot spot. Here's what you should know.
record shopping in shibuya

Record shopping in Tokyo is unlike anywhere else in the world. The selection here is unparalleled. Here’s what you should know. Tokyo is home to the best record shops in the world. The market for vinyl is as rich as the market for film photography. But where do you shop for records in Shibuya?
Shibuya is one of the top spots in Tokyo to record shop. And the best thing about Shibuya is the fact that it’s dense and easy to walk around. So, it’s easy to hit up all these shops and more.

5 Top Spots in Shibuya for Record Shopping

If you enjoy music and a cool Tokyo atmosphere, be sure to check out Meikyoku Lion Kissaten close by. This is where you can sip craft coffee in a classic kissaten atmosphere to the tune of classical music back in time.


A Weekend in Tokyo: Yodobashi Record Player
Record player shopping is also a brilliant thing to do

1. Tower Records: 9 stories of records, this iconic building is one of the largest record shops in Tokyo and Shibuya. You can’t miss it near the crossing.

2. Hi-Fi Record Store: With more of a dive feel, this small and local shop carries house and disco selections.

3. Lighthouse Records: Located in Dogenzaka, this local spot has been around for years and is one of the best places in the city to shop for house, techno, and disco.

4. Disk Union: More similar to Tower Records, Disk Union is the largest record chain around Shibuya. This location carries a vast selection of music. It may lack that cool local vibe that the former shops have, but it more than makes up for it in variety.

5. Discland Jaro: This place is where you come to shop for jazz in the city. Open since 1973, this is one of Tokyo’s top record shops.

Getting to Shibuya

Shibuya from the top of the Hikarie Building

Get off the train at Shibuya Station and exit the Hachiko Mae Exit to Shibuya Crossing. Everything is within a close walking distance from here.

Read my article about Shibuya Station for tips on navigating one of Tokyo’s largest train stations.

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