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Tour Inside a $40 Million NYC 78th Floor Penthouse | Lockdown Heaven

Tour inside this Gorgeous $40 Million NYC 78th-floor Penthouse With lockdowns and work from home, I find myself discovering a lot of new YouTube channels. This particular channel by Enes Yilmazer popped…

Volunteer with cheetahs
Cheetah Conservation Fund: Cuddling & Volunteering With Cheetahs

Volunteering & the Cheetah Conservation Fund: The Cutest Animal Video on this Planet? Often times during the workday, I seek entertainment through YouTube and sometimes I stumble upon something so profoundly adorable…

1980s Tokyo Kissaten Ambience

I discovered something pretty cool recently on YouTube. There are a few channels that create 3D depictions of scenes and pair them with nice music. If I had more time at the…

iphone home button broken unlock
Tech Hack | How to Unlock Your iPhone with a Broken Screen or Home Button

The later models of the iPhone have since retired the home button, but many like myself have not upgraded to a newer model and I still had an iPhone 8. If you…

The Best Places in Boston to Go During the Pandemic to Escape

The Best Places in Boston to Go During the Pandemic to Escape Boston hasn’t been immune to Covid lockdowns. In fact, it’s been on the harsher side of the spectrum. I’m fortunate…

what is kundalini yoga
What is Kundalini Yoga?

What is Kundalini Yoga? Most yoga in the West is a traditional yoga practice with a Vinyasa flow. Some classes are faster, some are slower, but for the most part, it sticks…

the best tea for anxiety
The Best Tea for Anxiety – This is Powerful

The Best Tea for Anxiety – This is Powerful If you were already prone to anxiety before this global meltdown, it’s almost certain that your level of anxiety is pretty high now.…

Vintage Tokyo Shopping Secrets | 10 Spots You Need to Shop

Vintage Tokyo Shopping Secrets | 10 Spots You Need to Shop Tokyo has some of the best shopping in the world, and the most exciting fashion in the world, with plenty of…

15 Tokyo Hidden Gems To Explore Across the City

15 Tokyo Hidden Gems to Explore I titled my guidebook, Hidden Tokyo because it sounds appropriate. Tokyo’s the only city I’ve been to where it’s impossible to get bored. The city is…

best pancakes in tokyo
Where to Find the Best Pancakes in Tokyo

The best pancakes in Tokyo are everywhere you look. Here are some favorites.

airasia safety
AirAsia Safety: When I Stopped Flying AirAsia (And Other Cheap Carriers) In Asia

Is AirAsia Safe? AirAsia has a questionable history in the news and I can’t help but wonder, is AirAsia safe? Compared to a lot of other airlines in the world, sure. Most…

The Tokyo Tower
Hidden Tokyo: A Tokyo Guidebook to Unlock its Magic

Hidden Tokyo is the perfect Tokyo guidebook, here is why.