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top winter resorts in bulgaria

Top Winter Resorts in Bulgaria

Winter is the perfect time to visit Bulgaria, one of the most underestimated European destinations.…

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gua sha

How to Use Gua Sha | Romee Strijd’s Natural Face Life Routine

One thing I noticed living in Japan is how much pride the women take in…

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5 Biotin & Collagen Supplements Worth a Try

I’m a supplement freak. I’m always on the lookout for something new or useful to…

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Lentils Health Benefits | The Most Underrated Superfood

Lentils are one of the most underrated superfoods in America. We live in a culture…

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L-Arginine & Exercise for Vascular Health & Increased Immunity

One of my favorite voices in this pandemic is a guy named Mike Mutzel and…

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nadia comaneci

Epic Nadia Comaneci – 1976 Perfect 10 Routine Seven Times

Gymnastics today is arguably more impressive skill-wise, and yet, it’s in many ways less poetic…

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