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2014 Best of Travel

2014 will go down as a year I won’t forget. It was a hard year in the beginning, but difficulties in life are offset by embracing things that give you joy in life. …
Flawless Onsen Etiquette

Onsen etiquette is an important aspect of Japanese culture. Japanese onsen baths are my favorite thing in the world, but it hasn’t always been this way. Today I’ll share with you a tale of how …
The St Regis Osaka: Japanese Luxury 100%

The St. Regis Osaka Review The St. Regis Osaka is one of my top favorite stays in the world and I’m excited to review it. There, I said it.  It’s a true 5-star …
Nakameguro Cherry Blossom Festival

The Nakameguro Sakura Festival is one of my favorite places to see cherry blossoms in Tokyo. This afternoon we headed to Nakameguro to view one of the best cherry blossom sights in Tokyo …
Amazing Saturday in Tokyo

This past weekend is another perfect example of why Tokyo is my favorite city on Earth. I’m seriously scared about moving back to the States, fearful about becoming perpetually bored. Tokyo has everything …


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