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Kyoto Travel

I’ve traveled to Kyoto before, twice. The first time was several years ago for only a night I think, and then I took just a day trip there once again a year later. …
Living Gluten Free in Japan

Living in Japan with a food allergy feels like an uphill battle. I won’t sugar coat it, it sucks. When I discovered I had a wheat allergy, it felt like a death. For my entire life, I …
Why do Japanese Women have the best skin

There’s no question about it, women in Japan have amazing skin. I often find myself admiring the skin of elderly women sitting next to me on the train, staring in awe at how they can have such …
Exploring the Best Kamakura Gardens

Exploring the best kamakura gardens Kamakura has some of the most beautiful gardens and temples around Japan and the Tokyo area. Here are a few of my favorite Kamakura gardens.  The beautiful garden …
Best Dim Sum in Tokyo 100%

The Best Dim Sum in Tokyo, Japan We have lived in Yokohama, Japan for three years now and one of the meals in life that we absolutely cannot live without is Dim Sum. Our …


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