The Best Coin Lockers and Luggage Storage in Shibuya Station

  • Luggage storage in Tokyo is a luxury everyone should take advantage of. Here's where to snag lockers in Shibuya.
Coin Lockers in Tokyo

Where to Find Coin Lockers & Luggage Storage in Shibuya

Luggage storage in Shibuya is essential for any traveler. Here’s what you should know about storing your luggage at one of Tokyo’s busiest train stations. 

Luggage Storage in Shibuya Station

Tokyo is one city where walking is inevitable, and there’s nothing worse than baggage dragging you down. One thing I love about Japan is how brilliantly efficient the city is when it comes to preserving the quality of life. For this reason, you’ll find a plethora of luggage storage options and coin lockers around the city.

Shibuya Station is the fourth busiest train station in Tokyo, and for that reason, you’ll find quite a bit of luggage storage options. Read my article about Shibuya Station to also get a broad familiarity with it before you arrive.

Locations in Shibuya Station: Look outside the JR Station between Hachiko and Western Exit.

However, snagging a locker can easily feel like playing a game of musical chairs. It’s all about timing.

Watch this Video to Find Out Where the “Big Locker” is in Shibuya



As you can see, a lot of the free-standing lockers in the station are full. They end up going to a popular spot called the Shibuya Chikamichi Information. This is a popular spot in the station, but they only keep the bags from 10:00 AM- 6:00 PM for 600 YEN each. Learn more here if this is fitting for you.

TIP: It’s most useful to have a PASMO or Suica card to easily pay for your coin lockers. Read my in-depth article on the Suica vs Pasmo Tokyo Subway Passes.

Hidden Luggage Storage in Shibuya (Outside Shibuya Station)

Shibuya 109

The Shibuya 109 Luggage Storage

The Shibuya 109 is the most iconic department store in Shibuya. It’s known for its all-female levels of high-intense gyaru fashion. But, one thing it’s not known for is its hidden luggage storage downstairs.  The 109 is directly across from the Hachiko Mae exit and Shibuya Crossing.

コインロッカ or koin rokka is the Katakana spelling for Coin Locker. Look for this on maps and inside station buildings, etc. because it’s very common.

The Mark City Coin Lockers

The Mark City is an extension of Tokyo Station and inside you can also find luggage storage, mostly on the 4th floor. Consult their floor guide for directions and follow the Mark City Exit.

Radical Storage by Bagbnb

Radical Storage by BAGBNB is a luggage storage network, and it’s perfectly located in Shibuya for all travelers in demand. For only 600 YEN, you can have your luggage stored. Consult their website to pre-book for a fast check-in quickly. It’s located only 450 meters from the Hachiko Mae Exit (the main exit to Shibuya Crossing). This is especially helpful for larger items. Boom, super easy. ALSO, this company has locations ALL OVER TOKYO.

Shibuya Temporary Luggage Storage Service Center

Here, you can also have your luggage held for up to 24 hours. It’s also located close to the Shibuya Hikarie and the station exit. It’s a popular option but their website is less impressive and user-friendly. Read more about their policies here. 

How to Use Coin Lockers in Tokyo

How Much is Luggage Storage in Tokyo?

Typically, luggage storage for smaller lockers is around 300 yen a day to 600 yen a day for larger bags. Be sure to consult the times of both the lockers as well as the storage facilities.

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