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Why I Love My Paww Wavesound 2 Headphones At Home & On the Road

Why I Love My Paww Wavesound 2 Headphones At Home & On the Road

Paww Wavesound 2 Headphones

Paww Wavesound 2 Headphones Review

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Bluetooth headphones or luxury headphones in general. I believe that there’s no excuse to use cheap headphones when you can get significantly better sound for oftentimes not much more. When we lived in Tokyo, we often spent time at Yodobashi Camera, a famous electronics store in Tokyo. Here you can simply find anything and everything. This place makes Best Buy look like a garage sale.

We spent a lot of time testing every major luxury brand of headphone on the market from JVC, Bose, Beats, or Bang and Olufsen. We’d spend hours there comparing headphones on a Saturday night in Tokyo. Yes, Tokyo is the coolest city in the world.

Paww Wavesound 2 Headphones Review
The perfect travel pouch and design

Well, when the company Paww Wavesound 2 sent me a pair to listen to and test, I gladly agreed.  I love headphones and I love Bluetooth technology even more. In today’s fast-paced environment, I rely on Bluetooth.

After I got them in the mail, I was anxious to test these things out! I already have a few pairs of headphones, one Bluetooth as well, BUT this was my first pair of noise canceling headphones.

One important thing I realized later on AFTER receiving these headphones is the fact that I love to use these when I’m NOT even listening to music.

When you’re traveling or living or rooming with someone else, sometimes you just want to tune out their noise to help you focus or relax more. Seriously one of the best things about these noise-canceling headphones is that my husband can stay up and watch TV or play video games, AND I can still work in the other room with only a minimal amount of noise. We share a small apartment and sadly it has never occurred to me to purchase noise-canceling headphones, until now. I already have plenty of headphones, but the noise-canceling part really sold itself to me.

Paww Wavesound 2 Headphones Review

Paww Wavesound 2 Review Test Results

My husband and I listened to the Paww Wavesound 2 and compared them to both your cheap Apple headphones but also to our super premium JVC KENWOOD In-Ear Headphones HA-FX850. These babies retail for around $300. They aren’t Bluetooth though, but they’re the standard for premium sound comparison.

So we sat there and tested the Paww Wavesound 2 headphones against both the industry leader and the worst. What did our test reveal?

1. The design & packaging is nice. The headphones are a soft leather-like and are built really solid. The case itself is durable and sleek. I like the subtle retro vibe. I also really like the packaging they came in. Everything is sleek and minimalistic.

2. The comfort. I find these comfortable, although they are a little heavier than I imagined at first. After wearing them for awhile, they didn’t feel heavy anymore to me.

3. These are Bluetooth (wireless) which is awesome. Cords can be a pain in the ass, especially when traveling. Bluetooth + noise cancelling = awesome.

4. As for the sound, it’s good, a whole lot better than your average headphones, but not great. The JVC’s are made with a wooden barrel and amplify the sound in an almost perfect way. BUT, these are not the same price as Bose noise-canceling headphones or the premium JVCs so I think they are very good for the price. I’ve listened to Bose Headphones before and there is a difference in sound, BUT only significantly different when you turn on the noise canceling. This was our only issue with these headphones.

We noticed that the sound was really very good UNTIL you turn on the noise canceling, and then the base almost disappears and the overall sound is a bit more muffled. Paww Wavesound 2 Headphones

Overall, I like these headphones a lot and I have to give them a good review because of the fact that they are Bluetooth, the sound is good overall, and the noise-canceling feature is an extremely redeeming quality for any traveler or person with a spouse or roommates. For the price, they are legit. Although they were given to me to review here, I don’t have any obligation to sing their praises.

They look nice, but they also serve a function when I’m at both home and on the road. These are NOT the headphones you take running with you, but they are awesome for when you’re traveling or when you feel you need some alone or quiet time. I never realized how much noise-canceling headphones would help me tune out distractions at home. The fact that these are Bluetooth wireless makes them a total win.

If you’re interested in purchasing a pair, they are currently on sale at Amazon.

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