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The Leica Store San Francisco

On our recent trip to California, I couldn’t leave without visiting the Leica store San Francisco. It’s on the cusp of Chinatown and we popped in for a visit before heading off to eat some dim sum.

It’s amazing how much more I instantly felt at home in San Francisco than in Boston, but that’s another topic. I really like San Francisco and we had a great time there, but I loved it even more after I found the most beautiful Leica store ever.

I’ve visited Leica stores only in Tokyo and Soho NYC, but this San Fran location was such a stunning gallery. The stores in Tokyo and NYC are also obviously nice, but the gallery space here was phenomenal.

Leica Store San Francisco
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The gorgeous gallery with Salgado’s exhibition

I walked in as I’m in the market for another lens. I looked at the 21mm, the 28mm, and the 135mm lenses. I didn’t buy anything as I always buy used anyways, but it was nice to test some lenses out. I’ve been thinking about getting a 28mm.

The Leica gallery San Francisco is currently hosting a Sebastião Salgado exhibition through May 31st. You can view a number of large stunning black and white prints hanging all over the gallery. What an exhibition and a treat to be able to view some of his greatest work up close.

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Leica store San Francisco
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A refugee camp in Benako, Tanzania with Rwandan refugees in 1994 amid the genocide crisis

Leica store San Francisco
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One of the gallery representatives was kind enough to let me play with some lenses and answer a lot of my questions. I always find that my experience in Leica stores is beyond exceptional.

A shelf of classics at Leica store San Francisco
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A shelf of classics
Leica store san francisco
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Ona bags and more

Leica store San Francisco
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Leica Store San Francisco Exhibitions

The store hosts a number of periodic exhibitions so I highly recommend checking it out.

In Sum: the Leica store in San Francisco is a must stop for anyone who enjoys street or documentary photography.

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