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L-Arginine & Exercise for Vascular Health & Increased Immunity

L-Arginine & Exercise for Vascular Health & Increased Immunity

  • Exercise and L-Arginine play a role in the reduction of severity of illness by enhancing vascular dilation

One of my favorite voices in this pandemic is a guy named Mike Mutzel and he runs a successful and influential YouTube channel called High Intensity Health. He has consistently been a trusted voice of reason throughout the last two years. He has also been a strong advocate of health and lifestyle changes that are obviously correlated to higher risks of complications with Covid.


One of the things that Mike frequently talks about is the importance of exercise and the role this plays in boosting immunity as well as strengthening the body.

L-Arginine is an amino acid that’s used in the synthesis of proteins. It’s often used to increase levels of nitric oxide which helps with blood flow.

One thing we know thus far about this virus is that it’s a vascular disease. Therefore, it makes logical sense that anything you can take to help increase vascular health and blood flow would in theory help you in general.

Mike goes into a study that indicates the use of L-Arginine and the reduction of hospital stay, as well as the role that exercise plays in boosting immunity due to increases the functionality of endothelial activity.

“Acute exercise mobilizes SARS CoV-2 T-cells…and dramatically impacts the immune response.”

And further, quoted from the study cited below:

“Exercise transiently increased the circulating levels of SARS-CoV-2 neutralizing antibodies, likely due to increased lymphatic flow and the return of protein-rich fluid back to the blood compartment. We purport that increases in lymphatic flow with exercise may facilitate the transportation of neutralizing antibodies to facilitate viral clearance.”

What an incredible quote from a research study.

Here’s the study: Acute exercise increases immune response to SARS CoV-2 in a previously infected man

And yet, the government says NOTHING at ALL about exercising, losing weight, and critical lifestyle factors that are known to be correlated to higher and increased risk of Covid complications. Seriously, if they care so much about saving lives and public health, why aren’t we hearing anything at all about this? It’s as if there is a myopic and narrow definition of the solution to the problem.

He further goes on to suggest that short high-intensity interval training CAN reduce symptoms.

At the end of the day, I know how to listen to my body, and sadly this is not the message we are given.

Living a healthy lifestyle depends on wellness and this depends on the active participation of effort. Our lives are overly simplified and reduced to often depending on the easy way out. And yet, going to the gym or working out 5 days a week, cutting out sugar, eating better, and listening to our bodies is a somewhat radical stance to have today.

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Taking your health into your own hands means being proactive and learning to listen to your own body’s intuition.

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  • This is so true!

    Mike has some great info but it is baffling why taking care of personal health is mentioned so little.

    I quite like the Model Health Show podcast with Shaun Stevens too.

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