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Places to Stay in KennebunkPort: Why I Loved The Kennebunkport Inn

Places to Stay in KennebunkPort: Why I Loved The Kennebunkport Inn

Kennebunkport Inn

Places to Stay in Kennebunkport: Kennebunkport Inn Review

Last weekend I explored Maine for the first time with a good friend of mine. For years, Maine has been on my list of must-see destinations, but it made a perfect girls’ trip.

We drove up from Boston, a mere 2 hours drive and we spent 1 night in Kennebunk, after a night in Portland. When people talk about traveling to Maine, they often talk about Portland, the larger city, but I’m so happy we stayed a night in Kennebunk. It’s a beautiful little town with a surplus of lobster rolls, locals cafes, and adorable shops all decorated in the spirit of Fall.

The Kennebunkport InnI’m a firm believer that the place you stay at can make or break your entire trip and it couldn’t be more true during this last trip. Well this place really blew my socks off. The Kennebunkport Inn is one of those places you actually enjoy staying at and you can’t help but feel more refreshed after leaving. So, if you’re looking for places to stay in Kennebunkport, Maine, consider this place.

We stayed the night prior in Portland at the highly acclaimed Inn by the Sea and to be honest, it was a letdown. More on that to come, but when we arrived at the Kennebunkport Inn, it immediately felt better. The place is gorgeous and overall, the place had a better energy. The rooms were small but extremely comfortable, and the bed linens were awesome. I can’t stand staying in nice places, only to find the bed linens are starchy and feel like sandpaper against my legs!

A Kennebunkport Resort Kennebunkport Inn

That night, we indulged in happy hour before going to dinner and it turned out to be our dinner. I’m not exaggerating when I say the buffalo chicken wings were the best I’ve ever had. My friend and I ordered dishes, both served beautifully in cast iron skillets, and both a mere $7. It was easily the best food we ate the entire trip.

Kennebunkport Inn

The Hotel Interior
The cozy East Coast bedroom
The Signs outside the Hotel
A cute 20 foot high collage of signs
A Cool Chair in the Rooms
I liked this chair
Kennebunkport Inn
The nightstand is built inside the dresser. Yay for efficiency and style! And the bed was a 10

Aside from quality and comfort, the Kennebunkport Inn is in the perfect location. The town is quite small, but you’re within a stone’s throw from all the restaurants and coffee shops. This is one hotel I will DEFINITELY stay at again. It’s one of the best inns in Kennebunkport Maine.

Kennebunkport Inn
The Hotel Bathroom
The Classic Decor

If you’re looking for places to stay in Kennebunkport, I definitely recommend looking at the Kennebunkport Inn.

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