Are you traveling to Tokyo?

Do you want to actually see this city?

Tokyo is the most complex city in the world, but Few people actually know & appreciate tokyo because They don't approach it the right way.

It's not possible to get to know tokyo without knowing its neighborhoods.

That's where this guidebook comes in.

When I first traveled there in 2010, I left with just a passport, a small bag, no wifi and a sentence of directions to my hotel. From the beginning of the adventure, I knew I had to move there. Eight years later, this guide was born.

It’s is a complex city, which is what makes it so endlessly fascinating, exhilarating, and the FUNNEST city in the world. But sadly, so many travelers are only skimming its surface. 

Unlike Paris or London, Tokyo’s magic often remains elusive to travelers who are intimidated by either the language or simply just don’t understand what makes it so fascinating – its neighborhoods. 

Traditional guidebooks group the city into over-simplified chapters like “East Tokyo” or “Central Tokyo.” I’m amazed at how these books really don’t capture the spirit of Tokyo & Japan and are often written by writers with superficial knowledge of the city. 

Did you know that Tokyo actually has cities within this great city? And that the neighborhoods of Tokyo are what make this great city so complex and rich.

Gain instant access to nearly 400 pages & over 50 chapters of specific in-depth Tokyo recommendations & secrets.

Hidden Tokyo is different. I wrote Hidden Tokyo only after living there for four years and having the time, passion, and resources to really deeply explore the city and country. 

But, what actually inspired me to complete this book was out of the love and respect I have for Tokyo and Japan and the genuine desire I have to share this experience with others – for others to see what I see.

I approached writing this book from a very logical perspective. If Tokyo is the most complex city in the world and the country of Japan is structured from the top-down, it makes sense to not just create a guidebook about Tokyo, but to more specifically create a neighborhood guidebook

If Tokyo’s neighborhoods are what makes it such a fascinating and complex city, then logically you need to know its neighborhoods in order to actually know the city. 

Yet, I haven’t found a guidebook yet on Tokyo that approaches the city in this smart of a way that doesn’t just provide massive insight into the best things to do, but is also designed in such a way to help you learn this city in an easy way. 


this map is filled with tons of neighborhoods, cities and wards that you will learn about in this book in an easy and systematic way.

In fact, I am willing to promise you that this book will totally transform your trip to Tokyo and help you make sense of the most complex city in the world that you can literally email me at for a full refund if you’re not satisfied. This book took 9 months to write and has over 4 years of hidden Tokyo knowledge distilled in its pages. 

Hidden Tokyo breaks down over 30 of the major districts & neighborhoods into separate chapters, and provides specific insight for each neighborhood that’s designed to actually help you learn the essence of each district. 

It’s straightforward and to the point and arms you with expert insight in a very organized fashion. 

This book is designed to be the ultimate reliable and quick reference guide for those who want to experience Tokyo’s brilliance.

So you will leave actually knowing this city.  This truly is the ultimate Tokyo guide.

I dare you to find another book on Tokyo like it.

Japan is endlessly, endlessly interesting to me...and even after going on nine filming trips there, i don't think I've even scratched the surface and I don't think I ever will....Tokyo is deliciously unknowable.

Anthony Bourdain

Tokyo’s complexity is what makes it arguably the best city in the world. But, I truly believe that if you can peel back the layers and approach the city in a methodical, more specific and digestible way, you can get to know this elusive city. That’s my goal at least in writing this book. Without knowing its neighborhoods, it’s impossible to know this city. 

A Comprehensive Tokyo Neighborhood guide is the solution

Here are just a few of the 30 + neighborhoods you’ll gain secret access to.

Things to do in Shibuya



Tokyo Neighborhood Guide



Shinjuku things to do



Tokyo Neighborhood Guide



unlock tokyo at your fingertips.

The book Also includes

  • Places Frozen in Time | Tokyo Time Capsules
  • Where to Find the Best Views of Tokyo
  • Awesome Free Views of the City
  • A Photographer's Guide to Tokyo
  • Where to Find the Coolest Bookstores & Libraries
  • Architecture You Don't Want to Miss
  • Fascinating Tours of Politics & History
  • Don't Leave Japan Without Doing These Things
  • The Coolest Capsules
  • Gluten Free Tips & Advice
  • Eating Vegan & Vegetarian in Tokyo
  • Hundreds of Top Food Recommendations
  • Tours to Consider
  • Craft Coffee (Kissaten) Must Try Places
  • Where to Buy Top Used Camera Gear
  • Nightlife, Clubs & Live Music Venues
  • Record Shopping Hot Spots
  • Museums & Must-See Galleries
  • Only in Japan Things to Do
  • 60 Brilliant Souvenir Ideas
  • Amusement Parks & Fun For Kids
  • Where to Find the Best Afternoon Tea
  • The Best Japanese Tea Ceremony Spots
  • Etiquette Essentials
  • Exploring Spirituality
  • A Vintage Shopping Guide to Harajuku & Shimokita
  • And so much more.............

This book Promises to Take Your Trip to The Next Level. 

Tokyo is an incredibly complex city and it’s so easy to feel lost, but if you can peel back those layers and map out the city in such as way that’s both specific and digestible, then the average traveler will be able to leave, knowing this city, but more importantly, leaving as a different person for having seen and experienced its true richness. 

Travel truly is the best form of education. 

tokyo travel guide

take your trip to the next level

I’m quite confident that this guide is so  helpful that I will literally give you a refund if you’re not happy within 30 days.

Hidden Tokyo harnesses my 4 years of living an extensive Tokyo lifestyle into 1 amazing book. I was fortunate to have the  resources to fully explore this city & with that, I’ve accumulated a vast wealth of information. And so I turned it into a book. 

To me, this book is an invaluable resource to anyone traveling to Tokyo who wants to truly have an excellent experience. 

Good information & knowledge is always the best investment you can make. 


Lastly, this book is also artistically illustrated by my own photography, many of which are converted to Japanese anime.  

best gardens in tokyo

Tokyo is filled with fun little secrets. GET IT DIGITAL. what is there to lose?

Tokyo travel guide

Hidden Tokyo The Book