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Japan is endlessly, endlessly interesting to me...and even after going on nine filming trips there, i don't think I've even scratched the surface and I don't think I ever will....Tokyo is deliciously unknowable.

Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain captures Tokyo brilliantly. I left Tokyo feeling like I could spend the rest of my life there and never get bored. 

But, I do believe that you can know Tokyo. 

Tokyo is the most complex city in the world. It’s easy to feel lost. And the language barrier doesn’t exactly help. This book is specifically designed to help you see Tokyo in a way you never thought possible. It promises to leave you actually knowing this city

Did you know that Tokyo has 23 special wards? And that these wards contain the veins of what makes Tokyo so fascinatingly unknowable? Its neighborhoods.

Hidden Tokyo is written from the concept of a specific neighborhood guide. It’s different than the other travel guides you will find that simply group the city into oversimplified chapters such as “East Tokyo” or “Central Tokyo.” 

This book maps out the most complex city in the world into its digestible parts. Because you can't know the whole without knowing its parts - its neighborhoods.

Why Buy My Book?

I was lucky to live in Tokyo for 4 years with the time, means, and resources to actually get to know this city deeply  to do anything I wanted. I lived a true “passport lifestyle.” I’ve walked hundreds of miles around Tokyo. I mean it when I say I explored Tokyo in ways most travelers and guidebook authors can only dream of doing. 

But what propelled my travels and exploration was my love and respect for Japan and Japanese culture. This began freshman year in college when I started studying the Japanese language

Tokyo is the most complex city in the world. This is what makes it so endlessly fascinating, exhilarating, and the FUNNEST city in the world. But sadly, many travelers are only skimming the surface 

unlock tokyo's Hidden magic.

The book Also includes

This book will arm you with the necessary knowledge you need to experience Tokyo to the fullest. It’s over 400 pages, packed full of more insights than you can imagine. 

In addition to the in-depth neighborhood chapters with HUNDREDS of hidden things to see and do, Section IV contains 20 lists for quick-to-reference ideas for various interests. 

You’ll also find chapters on how to navigate Tokyo like a pro, Wi-Fi resources, cherry blossom season, cultural insights and tons of information designed to facilitate your trip and take it to the next level. 

  • Places Frozen in Time | Tokyo Time Capsules
  • How to Experience Old Tokyo
  • The Top Free & Paid Views of Tokyo
  • A Photographer's Guide to Tokyo
  • Where to Find the Coolest Bookstores & Libraries
  • Architecture You Don't Want to Miss
  • Fascinating Tours of Politics & History
  • Don't Leave Japan Without Doing These Things
  • The Coolest Capsule Hotels
  • Gluten Free Survival Tips
  • Vegan & Vegetarian Survival Tips
  • Hundreds of Top Food Recommendations
  • Tours to Consider
  • Craft Coffee (Kissaten) Must Try Places
  • Money Savings Travel Tips for Tokyo
  • 50 Free Things to Do in Tokyo
  • Detailed Tips on How to Navigate Tokyo Like a Pro
  • Do you need a JR Pass?
  • Where to Buy Top Used Camera Gear
  • Nightlife Hot Spots, Clubs & Live Music Venues
  • Record Shopping Hot Spots
  • Museums & Must-See Galleries
  • Only in Japan Things to Do
  • 60 Brilliant Souvenir Ideas
  • Amusement Parks & Fun For Kids
  • Where to Find the Best Afternoon Tea
  • The Best Japanese Tea Ceremony Spots
  • Etiquette Essentials
  • Exploring Spirituality in Tokyo
  • A Vintage Shopping Guide to Harajuku & Shimokita
  • Popular Day Trips to Take
  • Onsen & Wellness Tips & Recommendations
  • And much more.............

Hidden tokyo promises to take your trip to the next level.

Inside, you will find 30 + neighborhoods discussed. In each section, you’ll find descriptions for these neighborhoods, as well as a detailed listing of the top things to do and places to see. This includes hours of operation, Wi-Fi hot spots, as well as indicators for Vegan, Vegetarian and GF restaurants. It’s a wealth of easy to reference information. 

take your trip to the next level

If you you don’t love this book, I’ll give you a refund within 30 days.

Hidden Tokyo harnesses my 4 years of living an extensive Tokyo lifestyle into 1 amazing book. I was fortunate to have the  resources to fully explore this city & with that, I’ve accumulated a vast wealth of information. And so I turned it into a book. 

To me, this book is an invaluable resource to anyone traveling to Tokyo who wants to truly have the ultimate experience. 

I ALSO include nearly 200 of my photographs & anime illustrations

Another reason why this book is exceptional is because it’s personal. I spent years photographing Tokyo and consider it some of my best work as a photographer. It’s a city that I feel deeply for and as an artist, I found an endless amount of inspiration that came naturally from my love and fascination for this city. 

It wasn’t until I wrote this book did I finally feel like things fell into place. I feel that my photographs much better help to communicate the essence and magic of this city and therefore, are even more important than words when trying to illustrate a guidebook. Often what you want to say in words can best be communicated through a photograph.   

best gardens in tokyo



Do you offer this in print?

Not at the moment, but later this year. This book is most helpful in the digital version though. You will also find a number of relevant links which make it more user-friendly.

Do you publish on AMazon?

You can purchase this book on Amazon, but I prefer to sell on my site because Amazon takes a nice 70% of my profit. 

When was this book published?

It was first published in February of 2019 but March 2019 is the official launch. You can be sure the information is fresh up to date. 

I also do quarterly information checks and updates because places can close and hours can change, etc. 


I literally spent 6 months full-time writing this book and then another 2 months refining and editing it. 

Do you offer refunds?

If for some reason the book is not what you had in mind, I will honor a refund within 30 days. Send a message to hiddentokyo@thepassportlifestyle.com or use the form on this page to contact me. It will take between 24 and 48 hours to get back to you. 

Do you offer any other languages?

At the moment, this book is only in English. 

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