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Daikanyama – Tokyo’s Hip West Hollywood Neighborhood

Daikanyama – Tokyo’s Hip West Hollywood Neighborhood

  • Daikanyama is one of Tokyo's trendiest neighborhoods. Here are a few tips.
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Daikanyama is one of Tokyo’s hippest neighborhoods, located in the Shibuya Ward. It’s a short train ride from central Shibuya Station, but it’s a totally different vibe than anywhere else in Tokyo.

Daikanyama is brilliant for lunch, brunch, and chill afternoon strolls. But it’s different than any other neighborhood in Tokyo. It’s a modern and sophisticated but laid-back scene with a lot of local boutiques, vintage stores, and cafes.

daikanyama things to do
This is one of my favorite photographs I took in Daikanyama that captures the chic Tokyo lifestyle

I lived in Southern California for six years, and West Hollywood has always been one of my favorite neighborhoods in LA. The first time I visited Daikanyama, I felt an odd familiarity to a place on the other side of the world. An outdoor cafe lifestyle plus boutique shopping is classic West Hollywood, and that’s what you can find here in Daikanyama.

“LA’s beloved Urth Caffe is located in central Daikanyama. Come here for a beautiful selection of pastries, tea, coffee, a healthy lunch, and outdoor patio seating.”

Things to do in dakanyama tokyo
Source: Unsplash The Tsutaya Daikanyama

The Tsutaya Daikanyama the Perfect Tokyo Bookstore

If you love books and architecture, the Tsutaya Daikanyama T-Site is a must-see. It’s my favorite bookstore in Tokyo because of its design and selection. The window light in the store makes for an exceptionally beautiful experience.

tsutaya daikanyama t-site
T-Site Architecture

The Ivy Place is one of Daikanyama’s top spots for lunch or brunch with beautiful outdoor seating. I recommend a reservation, and you can put your name down on the list and stroll for an hour. It’s right close to the Tsutaya Bookstore at T-Site.

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Stunning Architecture

A Hip Relaxing Vibe

Cafe Lifestyle & Outdoor Eating Cafes

Lots of Boutiques & Shops

Right Close to Central Shibuya


More Expensive

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