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Cherry Blossoms Tokyo 2019 | How This Year Is Different

Cherry Blossoms Tokyo 2019 | How This Year Is Different

Cherry Blossoms Tokyo 2019 | An Early Year  

Cherry blossoms Tokyo 2019
Data from The Japan Meteorological Corporation

Are you traveling to Tokyo in 2019 to see the cherry blossoms bloom? Here are some tips and insights into this year’s cherry blossom season in Tokyo and around Japan.

Cherry blossom season is Japan and Tokyo’s most popular time of year. The magic of sakura season is unparalleled to anywhere else in the world. The season typically extends through the first week of April, but according to The Japan Meteorological Corporation, cherry blossom season in 2019 is going to start early this year.

The numbers above are from the second forecast, which predicts that Tokyo will bloom early this year, starting at 3/24 and reaching full bloom at 3/31. Now that’s an early season! It’s essential to keep checking their website back for later forecasts because the first forecast was a couple of days early. Also, the deviation of days is +-2 days on average. See their website for details on more specific variations as well as their forecasting method.

Sakura Blossom
Taken in Hiroshima at Miyajima Island

If you’re traveling to Tokyo for the cherry blossoms, there are tons of festivities. Also, see my Spring Insider’s Guide to Japan for other things to do other than watching the blossoms. Yes, cherry blossom season is awesome, but there are some other pretty cool things to do in the spring as well.

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