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I'm an adventure lover, photographer/entrepreneur that spent four years living in Japan and traveling to some incredible parts of the world. The Passport Lifestyle is devoted to becoming better individuals through traveling, growth, and education. This site features tips, expert Japan insights, the creative process, mindfulness inspo, and of course photography content.

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10 Reasons Why Stockholm is One of the Best Cities in the World
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The ultimate Tokyo travel blog
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How to spend 3 days in Tokyo

This article discusses the cherry blossom Tokyo 2019 forecast.
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This article talks about how to unlock the creative process to become maximally creative.
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5 Super Cool Things to Do in Akihabara
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Spring in Japan is a favorite time of year. But what do you need to know? Here are some helpful tips on traveling to Japan and Tokyo in the spring.
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Everything you need to know about Shibuya Station
Suica vs PASMO

Suica vs PASMO is a question every Tokyo traveler wants to answer. Purchasing a Tokyo Subway Pass has never been easier.
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Tokyo nightlife, fun things to do in Tokyo at night