The Passport Lifestyle

Founded in 2014 inside a glamorous food court in Minatomirai 21, Yokohama, Japan, The Passport Lifestyle is known for its curation of photography and expert insight into the Tokyo lifestyle. Stephanie found herself living the quintessential Tokyo lifestyle as she spent the better part of four years exploring this extraordinary city, inside and out. Her interest in Japanese culture originated after studying the Japanese language for two years in college, although she grew up in a small town outside of Houston, Texas. 

She later took her love and respect for Tokyo and combined it with her wealth of Tokyo knowledge to turn it into her first book, The Hidden Tokyo Neighborhood Guidebook. 

The Passport Lifestyle was initially founded to share a passion for both photography and travel. But, life happened, and her interests evolved. With a formal education in both photography and public policy, a job working in tech, and a passion for wellness and spirituality, The Passport Lifestyle has evolved into a brand that reflects a hybrid of singular interests: Tokyo, Japan, travel, wellness, lifestyle, spirituality, design, entrepreneurship, photography, and tech. 

The brand is designed to inspire curiosity, adventure and inspire exploration through knowledge, which itself is an even more exciting adventure.

Enjoying a Night Out in Tokyo




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