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The Passport Lifestyle was founded in 2014 when I was living in Yokohama, Japan. At the time, I was traveling the world full-time, a different country every month or two for a couple years and exploring every square inch of Tokyo and yet, I wasn’t looking to start a serious travel blog.    

Then one day I was having lunch at my favorite food court in Yokohama when the words “The Passport Lifestyle” popped into my head totally out of the blue. I loved the name and so it nagged at me for several months to register the domain until I finally did. 

At the beginning, I founded the site with the cornerstone of sharing my love for photography & travel but it’s grown into something more. And after some time off to write my book Hidden Tokyo among pursuing other things, I’ve finally established a solid vision for this brand and can move forward in meaningful direction. 

This website has taken me into terrain that every online entrepreneur has to face – a mountain of endless learning and uncertainty but it’s shown me that the creative process is something that you cannot fully plan but instead it takes time and rigorous effort to develop.  

The Passport Lifestyle is a hybrid brand that reflects these values of adventure, rigor and creativity. I share content that ranges from the creative process, photography tips & lessons, wellness, and travel with an expertise on Tokyo and Japan. 


Most frequent questions and answers

I started learning photography at the end of 2011 but I got more serious about it in 2014. 

I went to college and then graduate school for Economics & Political Science and so art wasn’t exactly a part of my life up until the point I discovered photography. I then found myself more and more moved by beauty in the world and photography was the natural medium of expression. I was self-taught at the beginning which is a great way to learn because I went out and took a ton of pictures. I began to work on both learning how to use the camera but also learning how to see in a totally different way. 

This entailed reading a lot, not just taking tons of random pictures. I ordered a ton of books off Amazon that taught me the fundamentals of design and composition. This took some time to really start to grasp intuitively but I constantly took a lot of pictures and endlessly tried to find ways to improve. I then started to study the work of fine art photographers that I admired and this helped the most because you can’t grow without analyzing your images. 

Trying to discern their work really helped a lot. When I was in Tokyo, I also took an excellent workshop through Magnum Photography & Leica that exposed me to a much more rigorous standard of evaluating photography. This took everything to the next level. I then went back to school for a couple of years when I first moved to Boston. I spent a year taking core technical classes at The New England School of Photography & then I studied fine art photography for a year at The Massachusetts College of Art and Design. All in all, I’ve put in the ten thousand hours so to speak. 

There’s definitely a tie between Japan, Singapore and New Zealand. Each are my favorites for similar but different reasons. Sweden is also right up there with Vietnam. or find me on IG @thepassportlifestyle

Not at the moment, but check back in Fall of 2019. I am open however to guest posting on other sites so send me an email if you’re interested. 

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Definitely if you feel moved to share something creative. WordPress is an excellent platform and is most versatile and powerful if you want to grow a business. There’s definitely a learning curve. I’m coming out with a course later in the year called Standing Out Online and it’s basically designed to help teach bloggers and online entrepreneurs what took me years to learn in terms of site design, creating impactful photography, and building a business online. The best advice is to just get started even if you don’t know anything. 

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Yes, I’m in the process of creating an Etsy Store specifically for Tokyo and Japan related art work and I also sell custom fine art prints. I’m in the process of developing a store online for my favorite prints to sell. See for more. 


preview Gallery

Here’s a preview gallery of some of my art work. The photographs on this site range from travel content to more fine art based. Please see my photography portfolio at for more personal photography projects.  



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