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5 Tokyo Districts Absolutely NOT to Miss

5 Tokyo Districts Absolutely NOT to Miss

  • Five of my favorite Tokyo districts not to miss.

5 Tokyo Districts Absolutely Not to Miss

tsutaya daikanyama t-site
Tsutaya Daikanyama T-Site Architecture

Tokyo is ripe with rich districts and neighborhoods. Here are 10 neighborhoods and districts absolutely not to miss. 

What makes Tokyo such an endlessly, fascinating city? Its neighborhoods and districts. Of course, I’d say that I’ve written an entire book on Tokyo’s alluring neighborhoods. Here are some personal favorites.

1. Daikanyama

Located in the Shibuya Ward, Daikanyama is one of Tokyo’s trendiest and walkable neighborhoods. It’s perfect for a leisurely afternoon stroll, and it has some beautiful spots to grab brunch.

And if you’re a fan of architecture and design, you can’t afford to miss the Tsutaya bookstore at T-Site. This is one of the most stunning pieces of contemporary architecture in the city. Afterward, walk over to Shibuya (roughly 20 minutes away), or take the train to Shibuya Station.

Take the Train to Daikanyama Station. 

2. Akasaka

Akasaka is one of Tokyo’s most underrated neighborhoods. If you have an interest in learning more about Tokyo’s political scene, this is the spot to explore. You can walk past the Prime Minister’s Residence or even tour the National Diet Building.

Train Stations: Akasaka, Akasaka Mitsuke, or Tamieko-Sanno

If you want to tour the National Diet Building’s House of Representatives, you will need a reservation, click here for details

3. Harajuku

Things to do in Harajuku

Harajuku is one of the most famous and popular districts in Tokyo and for a good reason. It’s an easy trip from Shibuya since it’s located in the Shibuya Ward. Simply get off and explore the Meiji Shrine and then explore the colorful shops of Takeshita dori.

Here, you’ll find the epicenter of the Lolita fashion culture, which makes it one of the top places for street photography.

Take the train to Meiji-Jinju Mai or Harajuku Station. Or walk from Shibuya.

4. Minatomirai 21

hotels near minatomirai

Technically, Minatomirai is located in Yokohama which is slightly south of Tokyo. But, Minatomirai is a beautiful and utopian city along the water which is unlike anywhere else in the world. It’s also ripe with shopping and is close to Yokohama’s Chinatown. Spend a day here and you won’t regret it.

Take the train to Yokohama Station or to Minatomirai Station.

5. Yanaka

Yanaka is one of Tokyo’s oldest districts and is famous for its Shitamachi, or Old Tokyo, atmosphere. The brilliant thing about Tokyo is that you get to experience a variety of realities – old and new. Yanaka is the place to go back in time. It’s also home to the Yanaka Cemetery which is definitely worth exploring.

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