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3 Countries I didn't see enough of

There are several countries that I see myself wanting to travel to, over and over again. For example, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore and Vietnam. But there are also a few countries that gave me just enough of a taste but left me wanting to see a whole lot more.

1. Norway

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I visited Norway last year for only nine days. Nine days is enough for many locations, but not for Norway. Norway is a beautiful country, with a spectacular landscape. I stayed a couple of nights in Oslo and then took the train West to Bergen. Bergen was a beautiful city.

But honestly, it was near impossible to decide on which fjord to visit Next time, I’d love to hike Trolltunga, explore the many other beautiful fjords, as well as visit some incredibly beautiful Stave churches. But the one place that’s calling out to me above all is the Lofoten Islands.

2. scotland

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My first trip to Scotland was pretty incredible. I was there for only a week, but it wasn’t enough. Between the gorgeous cliffs, islands, Highland cows, and castles, there’s just too much to see. Next time, I’d like to visit St Andrews, play a round of golf on a beautiful course, go to Edinburgh, and ride the Jacobite Express.

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3. cambodia

Angkor Wat
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Cambodia is the one country in Asia that left me with a slight pang of regret. I loved Cambodia, and saw a lot of it, but just not enough. Phnom Penh is an exciting city with a vibe unlike anywhere else. But I’m not kidding you – I spent just a half of a single day exploring the temples of Angkor. 

You can easily spend a week here exploring if you’re curious enough. I went with my in-laws at the time. It was a fabulous trip, but they arranged everything, and well, half a rainy day exploring the entirety of the ruins at Angkor Wat is what happened….so yea, I wouldn’t mind going back!

If you’re heading to Tokyo soon, I highly recommend my book Hidden Tokyo. It’s filled with tons of insights on a range of activities around Tokyo.  It also helps to explain this complex city better by dissecting 18 different major neighborhoods into chapters, with around 400 pages of pure Tokyo insight & recommendations. It lays out the city in a way that you can grasp!  


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  1. September 1, 2016 at 9:52 pm — Reply

    I always wish for more time in the places I visit, but we usually plan pretty quick stops. Have to take advantage of all of the time since there are only a limited number of vacation days!

    • September 2, 2016 at 5:25 am — Reply

      Very true, there’s just never enough time and vacation days!

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