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1980s Tokyo Kissaten Ambience

1980s Tokyo Kissaten Ambience

  • Tokyo's kissaten scene is trapped in time. If you miss traveling or want to experience Japan, try watching this beautiful video.

I discovered something pretty cool recently on YouTube. There are a few channels that create 3D depictions of scenes and pair them with nice music. If I had more time at the moment, I could actually see myself creating these types of videos.

If you have a large screen or an iMac, this is a great way to change the ambiance of your environment. I know during quarantine and the travel bans, I’ve personally felt a bit of cabin fever.

I don’t know how I discovered these videos, but I’m obsessed with them. This one in particular is a traditional Tokyo kissaten. What I love about kissa culture is the fact that nothing changes over time. You can walk into any number of kissaten around Tokyo and Japan and it’s essentially a time capsule. No matter what’s happening in the world, walking into a 50-year-old kissaten, you can’t help but feel grounded and tapped into history.

This particular video is very much like most of the kissa you see around Japan, except for perhaps the pink hues. The detail in terms of the font on the menu and even the word ‘coffee’ is so accurate. These places have such a unique Japanese vibe. So, if you’re missing Tokyo or just want to escape, turn one of the videos on, it helps!

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