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101 Reasons I Love Japan

101 Reasons I Love Japan

I Love Japan

Everywhere I travel, I find myself comparing things to life in Japan and I most commonly hear myself saying “this would never happen in Japan.” I do this to a fault. True, I wrote a post a few months ago on 10 Things I Hate About Living in Japan, because yes, as a foreigner it can be a little frustrating living here sometimes. But the good FAR outweighs the bad. If you’re fortunate enough to live or even visit Japan for awhile, your eyes will change forever.  No place is perfect, but here’s a list of 101 reasons why I love Japan and why Americans love Japan too. 

Reasons I love Japan | Mt. Fuji

  1. Integrity. People do their jobs here and do them well with pride, no matter how small the job. Even at McDonald’s, you’ll find smiling faces offering you first class customer service. This is a major reason why I love Japan.
  2. Kindness. The people here will literally go out of their way to help you.
  3. People are dependable. One of my biggest pet peeves in life is people I can’t count on. I encounter this far less frequently here.
  4. It’s one of the safest countries in the world.
  5. There are no guns here.
  6. Violent crime and robberies are rare and only occur in small parts and sects of the country.
  7. You can walk outside your home at 3 am and not feel threatened.
  8. 100 yen shops.
  9. Yodobashi Camera is why every photographer will love Japan.
  10. Themed cafes. Cats, Alcatraz, Owls, and more!
  11. Tokyo Cafes, kissaten, latte art, just a few reasons why I love Japan.
  12. The trains are immaculately timed and efficient. They’re rarely late. Punctuality is why I love Japan.
  13. The country is stunningly beautiful.
  14. There’s a cultural appreciation for nature, even in big cities like Tokyo you’ll find parks and gardens abundant.
  15. Centuries of tradition are widely upheld.
  16. Even when riding a busy train, you don’t feel that uncomfortable. People are respectful.
  17. Children are controlled in public and don’t cry in restaurants or in public.
  18. Japan is the photography capital of the world. Everyone is a photographer here.
  19. Pet strollers.
  20. There’s a genuine celebration of all 4 seasons.
    Reasons I Love Japan
    Japanese fashion is another reason why I love Japan.
  21. Cherry blossoms, aka sakura season.
  22. Japan has the most beautiful autumn in the world.
  23. Tokyo has such cinematic lighting.
  24. You can’t get bored in Tokyo in a million years.
  25. The Japanese language is brilliantly efficient and fun to speak.
  26. Japanese skincare is likely the best in the world.
  27. Japanese teahouses are my happy places.
  28. Everyone in life would be happier if they owned a tatami room.
  29. Zen gardens.
  30. Onsens (natural hot spring baths) feel blissful.
  31. Onsens in the snow are even better.
  32. The freshest sushi ever.
  33. The fact that even convenience store food tastes fresher than most meals you’ll find back in America.
  34. The food is healthier too.
  35. Tokyo is obsessed with pancakes.
  36. Everyone walks everywhere and looks fit, even at old age. You often see elderly people running upstairs at the train stations.
  37. Did I mention that it’s one of the world’s healthiest countries?
  38. 3 to 5 person bars.
  39. Karaoke bars.
  40. Local is everywhere. You’ll still find chains, but many places are locally and family owned.Reasons I love Japan
  41. Food basements, depachaka.
  42. Tokyo has some of the best pastries in the world. Dare I say it rivals Paris? Yes. And you’ll find some of the world’s top patisserie brands here too. Pierre Herme, Pierre Marcolini, Wittamer, Joel Robuchon…
  43. The public toilets are almost always clean. And sometimes immaculate. And the stalls have no visibility. Privacy….a concept much appreciated.
  44. Heated toilet seats. Yes yes, who doesn’t love a hot seat in the winter??
  45. Folks here are quiet and rarely disruptive in public. Well except for when drunk.
  46. Japanese people make the best drunks.
  47. People don’t stare here, most of the time.
  48. People smile at you and pay respect even when they’re likely feeling the opposite. Lack of confrontation is sometimes a good thing when it comes to petty matters.
  49. Japanese fashion is crazy but very fashion-forward.
  50. Their airports are super efficient and clean. Immigration takes about 5 minutes before you’re already out of the airport.
  51. The act of bowing.
  52. If you lose something, you will get it back.
  53. Coin lockers.
  54. Japanese ramen.
  55. Taxi cabs are clean with automatic doors.
  56. Japanese women look polished in an effortless way.
  57. Lawson chicken nuggets.
  58. Everything is clean. Did I mention that already?
  59. Masks. People wear masks here when they’re sick here!!! Oh, how considerate.
  60. Geisha culture.Reasons I love Japan | Fashion
  61. You can actually turn pen shopping into a hobby here.
  62. The bullet train, aka, Shinkansen.
  63. Japanese engineering.
  64. The birthplace of Canon and Nikon.
  65. Oktoberfests occur on a seasonal basis in Tokyo.
  66. The Tokyo skyline.
  67. T-shirts that make no sense at all.
  68. You can find anything at Don Quixote.
  69. Ume Shu, plum liquor.
  70. Festivals.
  71. Machiya style houses.
  72. The Ryokan experience is possibly the most refine form of hospitality. Another reason to love Japan.
  73. Purikura (Japanese photo booths)
  74. NHK news.
  75. Japanese Gardens.
  76. Locally sized supermarkets with tiny carts that you can navigate without a map.
  77. Hiking, nature, and the mountains are always a short ride away.
  78. Latte art.
  79. Recycling.
  80. Giving thanks for your food before and after you eat. Itadakimasu!
  81. Smaller-sized portions. Ben and Jerry’s is served in tiny cups, not gallons or pints.
  82. Kissaten (older style coffee) cafes make me nostalgic for an era I’ve never known. These places use porcelain dishes and serve the best hot cocoa. Another major reason why I love Japan.
    Reasons I love Japan | Wisteria
    Wisteria viewing in the spring
  83. Christmas winter Illuminations.
  84. Socks shopping.
  85. Late-night bars stay open all night.
  86. World-class DJs.
  87. The mixology scene. Japan can turn anything into an art form.
  88. Adults spending Friday or Saturdays night at an arcade.
  89. The children dress like little adults here.
  90. The children’s backpacks are even the latest fashion statement!
  91. Tokyo Disney Sea is a spectacle of design.
  92. Dog fashion. Everywhere.
  93. Cosmetic product shopping at the average drugstore is more exciting than Sephora.
  94. Japanese ink-wash landscape paintings.
  95. Temples with garden views.
  96. Hokkaido and Nagano in the winter.
  97. Tokyo is the Michelin star capital of the world. 267 starred restaurants, holding this record for 8 years in a row.
  98. Art appreciation.
  99. Head spas are the best. Half an hour scalp massage? Why yes, please.
  100. Assigned seating at movie theaters.
  101. Wisteria Gardens.

So there you have it. But if that’s not enough, here’s more on why I love Japan

And if you want even more reasons:

20 reasons why we still love Japan (Forbes).

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  • 103. Cute little kids with their moms n dads.. God how much I love watching them in trains, shops, & restaurants, with their way of talking so darn cute.. :*

  • 102. 100¥Shops..  love them.. you can find anything & everything of daily use.. Moreover, you can see a new product every week!! So many cute & beautiful goods in just 100¥!!

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