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Stephanie Huynh is a freelance travel photographer and writer. She has photographed over 20 countries and her photographs have appeared in The New York Times, The LA Times, and across Japanese media. She is currently balancing her life while also going back to school to gain a more formal and fine art education in photography.

Gaining readers all around the globe, TPL’s expanding reach, one-of-a-kind content, and masterful images are attracting travelers, tourism professionals, and photographers ready to explore the world.

But the main reason you should work with me is because of my passion for exploration, photography, and excellence. I am committed to the highest standards of service as well as the highest caliber of photography.

From onsite advertising, targeted promotion, brand collaboration, photo licensing and even private consulting, Stephanie and The Passport Lifestyle will work with your company, city, or brand to expand your reach and cultivate a visually impressive campaign.

As a photographer, I am never content with my current work and I’m always learning and continuing my education to become both a better artist and business professional. Personally, as a fine art and documentary photographer, my baseline motivation for creating images is artistically driven. I’ve attended world-class photography seminars with Magnum photographers in Tokyo, Japan. I’ve continued my photography education by taking professional classes at The New England School of Photography, and I will be attending school to formally study fine art photography at The Massachusetts College of Art and Design this year.

Professional Content. I also take pride in the professional content I produce on my site. I also hold a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree in Economics and Political Science from highly accredited universities which have helped me refine my approach to both business and photography. I also approach my photography with the highest standards and I curate this site to reflect a brand of traveler that’s both savvy, sophisticated, and fun.

By all the major traffic indicators, my rank remains strong globally, and both in the United States and Japan, especially considering that I’ve only been seriously blogging only recently. See my official media kit at the top for more in-depth statistics.

How Can I Help YOU?

Onsite Advertising

If you think your company fits well with my brand, I offer a few spots on my site for direct and native advertising.

Also, if you wish to submit an article or guest post, my only stipulation is that any photography provided is both licensed by yourself, your brand or is Creative Commons licensed. I do not provide dofollow links to any sponsored content. 

Photography Consulting

Are you looking to improve your photography or the photography on your blog? Blogging is a visual medium and the premium put on outstanding photography is ever-increasing. Are you looking to take your photos to the next level as a blogger or a photographer? Do you want to know how to make your images stand out above the rest?

For starters, there’s no real secret or shortcut to producing outstanding photography. But there are a lot of things you can do to rapidly improve your images.


Photography Licensing

After traveling to many places over the last 5 years, I’ve accumulated a vast portfolio of high quality images taken from around the world. I provide licensing to travel agencies, bloggers, and those in the tourism industry looking to amplify their marketing or advertising for print and online use.


Press & Media Trips

I started this blog because I love to travel, but I also love photography. And although I won’t promote sponsored posts, I do happily accept press and social media trips. I can also provide photographs of your tour or hotel in exchange for accommodation or discounts. But in the end, maintaining an honest relationship with my audience is most important and I reserve the right to write an honest review.


Sponsored Reviews

I review hotels, restaurants, museums, tours, cooking classes, and almost anything related to travel. In exchange, I’ll promote your post across my blog, Yelp, and social media channels. But maintaining an honest relationship with my audience is most important and I reserve the right to write an honest review.

Ashikaga Flower Park

Product Reviews and Giveaways

As a fashion-inspired traveler and photographer, I accept sponsored products that fit my brand to review here and across my social media. I welcome photography equipment, camera bags, fashion apparel, and a range of travel-related products.



Hi Stephanie,

I stumbled across your blog just prior to my trip to Japan a few weeks ago. What a magical, harmonious place filled with wonderful kind people! I can totally see how you and your husband lived in Japan & loved it! Thank you so much for writing your blog and sharing your experiences with us! If it wasnt for your blog I wouldnt have gotten around Japan so easily and knew of all the beautiful places to go. – Kathryn 

Me and my girlfriend will be visiting the village this June! Thanks for the great blog without it we would’ve had a lot of trouble getting there! – James

This is beautiful, awesome ! My next dream trip….maybe in 2016! I will have to shop around a travel agent who does group tour package covering this wisteria park. If you know of one or two, do share. Thanks and congratulations for this beautiful photos. – Raquel

You have so many wonderful photos! I’m a little envious of your ability to capture the moment in such a beautiful way. – Andrea

Thank you so much for sharing a piece of your life, thru these beautiful images. I really appreciate you and your talent. If you are ever In Washington D.C . Look me up, I would be honored to allow you to stay at my home and venture out and explore our capital…Great work. Please don’t stop. – Kevin

Wow, your pictures are gorgeous. I’m visiting Kyoto next spring and I’m super excited!

I’m happy I’ve found your blog, very inspiring  looking forward to reading more! – Andrea

Contact me here if you want to discuss how we can work together or how I can help you.