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Travelendar Travel Event Calendar Website Review
Ben, the creator of the travel site Travelendar, recently reached out to me to review his website. I agreed because I think his site is a creative and novel approach to trip planning. There are a lot of travel resources on the internet, but Travelendar is uniquely polished and useful. travelendar

There are websites out there to help people buy airfare (Skyscanner), hotels (Booking.com), and recommend attractions (TripAdvisor). However, Travelendar goes beyond this and provides practical ideas to travelers who often feel overwhelmed by ideas. Travelendar’s approach is inherently resourceful. The site is made up of the words travel and calendar. Here, you can view the main interactive travel event calendar. Over time, the website has evolved to include travel maps and other tips too. Jobs that Involve Travel

I really liked the original idea of this website because it offers travel planning services based upon a calendar approach. This is smart. You know how fast a year can fly by, but Ben’s website offers a travel event calendar throughout the year that progresses for up to several years in the future. The website is easy to use and it gives you ideas you might never even think about. If you visit the site, you’ll find how straight forward it is.  Simplicity is a hallmark of a good resource and that’s what I love the most about this site. Travelendar’s travel event calendar consists of six main categories: cultural, music, nature, public holiday, sport, and ticket sales. You’ll find events ranging from viewing the Aurora Borealis, the Day of the Dead, Cherry Blossoms, the Super Bowl, Burning Man, the great migration in the Serengeti, and even the 2020 Olympics. Here, you can find the best travel events and attractions around the world. 

Additionally, you can even find things like a detailed country weather calendar which you know is useful if you’ve ever needed to plan a trip far in advance. I’ve tried planning trips to India and Vietnam in the past, but I found myself searching for detailed weather information for each of these places. I encourage you to take a look at Travelendar and scroll through this website, or better yet, bookmark it for the next time you want to plan a trip. 

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