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cheap airport parking boston

Cheap Short Term Airpot Parking in Boston

As the summer begins, I’ve found myself planning a trip towards the end of July and in need of a spot to park my car for the short term of about ten days. Parking garages in Boston can be a nightmare in terms of cost so what are some options?

I discovered that parking at the airport can cost at least $20 to $30 a day or more which is no good. But I think the best idea I have found is parking your car at a hotel nearby. There are a number of hotels around the airport that offer free parking for up to 14 days for around $140 which is around $10 a day. You don’t even need to necessarily stay at the hotel, but just pay for a night which essentially covers parking for up to mostly 14 days. You should verify with the hotel that their parking policy is precisely as indicated below just to be safe.

Book via HotelsCombined by clicking each hotel and gain access to a superior range of potential partner sites! LOGOS JPG

1. Comfort Inn and Suites Boston Airport

Free Cancellation

Free Parking for Up to 14 Days, Shuttle Included

2. Best Western Adams Inn

Free Cancellation

Free Parking Up to 14 Days, Shuttle Included

3. Comfort Inn Boston 

Free Cancellation

Free Parking Up to 14 Days, Shuttle Included

4. Ramada Boston

Free Cancellation

Free Parking Up to 7 Days, Shuttle Included

 Parking in the Winter in Boston & Coverered Parking in Boston

If you’re traveling or need to store your car in the middle of winter, you might want to consider coverered parking. One great option is to park at the Government Center Garage downtown. It offers a Park ‘N Stay program which comes out to be quite affordable as well. You’ll of course need to find a ride to the airport though.

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