What is The Passport Lifestyle?

What Makes The Passport Lifestyle Unique?

My name is Stephanie and I grew up in Texas with family roots in Mississippi. I attended undergraduate and graduate school in sunny Southern California (outside LA and in San Diego). I studied in London for half a year traveling England and Europe. I lived in Charleston, South Carolina for over a year. I spent a year and a half in the Pacific Northwest around Seattle. I spent 4 years living in Japan and traveling the entire country and large parts of Asia. And most recently, I’ve relocated to Boston.

I love that travel can show you a new side to yourself.

I started this blog out of simple passion for sharing my knowledge and tips as both a traveler and a local. jobs that involve travel

In addition to traveling, I’m also a photographer. My photos have been printed in numerous publications, but most largely, The New York Times and The LA Times Travel sections. I’ve apprenticed from some of the very best artists while in Tokyo and I’m currently continuing my education in photography while here in Boston at various professional art schools and universities.

The Passport Lifestyle is expanding its reach every day around the world. Are you a brand looking to build awareness or build a partnership?

Are you a tourism agency or lodging that needs promotion or perhaps some high-quality professional images for your website and marketing?

Or are you a blogger who simply wants to know the secret to taking high-quality professional images that stand out above the rest? For starters, there’s no real secret or shortcuts to producing outstanding photography. But there are a lot of things you can do to rapidly improve your images. I’ll work with you on improving your images and help to identify ways you can better improve your overall quality of photography. See my Work With Me page for more information on about how I can help you.  

Thanks for stopping by! 


Favorite City
Tokyo and LA, a tie.

First Thing I Do When I Get Home
Shower, and sleep for like two days with my little dog if it’s a long trip. Depending on how I feel, I may or may not leave my suitcase scattered across the living room floor.

Travel Style
Less is more.

Favorite Fashion Item
 My gold vintage Chanel earrings or fur-lined pants from Uniqlo

Film or Digital
Both, though I like the look of film better. 

Favorite Place to Unwind
A street cafe or a quaint bookstore. Or a hot bath or onsen.

Drink of choice
Alcoholic: Umeshu, high end tequila, and Port wine; Non-alcoholic: Hot Chocolate, Oii Ocha or a glass bottled Coke

Most Memorable Travel Experience
The first time I saw Lake Pukaki, and landing abroad for the first time at Heathrow.

Plane or Train
Definitely train. I hate to fly, but I love traveling more than I hate flying so I deal with it.

Dream Trip
Backpacking India and then the Himalayas

The One Travel Experience I Refuse to Do
Hiking K2 or jumping out of a plane 

Secret Place I Want to Visit But Probably Never Will

Best Quality On The Road
 A Sense of Humor

City that Surprised Me the Most

Dogs or Cats
 Dogs but I’m crazy allergic to cats

Do you speak any second languages?
I’m pretty good at Japanese


  1. Monish Rohira
    May 13, 2016 at 1:40 am — Reply

    Hello Stephanie,
    My name is Monish Rohira and I am an Indian who has a passion for Photography. I have completed my graduation and undergoing my post-graduation in India. I would want your suggestions on how do I turn my passion into a part time job. What is your advise on my lifestyle, whether any course could help me on my photographic skills and anything related to how I could improve. I would be really thankful if you could help me. Looking forward for your reply.

    • May 13, 2016 at 2:19 pm — Reply

      Hi Monish,

      Finding part-time work in photography isn’t very difficult, but of course there are many different types of photography (commercial, portrait, sports, family, architecture, travel, food, etc.) You have to figure out first what you like to shoot before you want to find work. Passions die off over time so what you shoot should be meaningful to you, at least that’s my philosophy. Do you want to shoot what your passionate about, or do you simply want to do basic commercial work where you often aren’t required to have a passion? It’s important to pursue both.

      You should work first on improving the art and then once you’re skilled enough, worry about making money. Too many people focus on making income first which is why the market is saturated with mediocre photographers.

      I love photography, but personally I don’t shoot weddings even though it could make me money because it’s not what I enjoy. If you want to start shooting commercial etc (magazines), the best bet is to attend a reputable art school, assist heavily, and then give it several years. But taking classes at a local art school is the best way to start learning to shoot any type of photography because skilled professionals will point out mistakes to you and help you make your pictures better. You don’t need too many skills to shoot family pictures, but you definitely do need to know about proper exposure at the least. Lynda.com is also a great educational resource and so are books on Amazon. I suggest getting a subscription to Lynda.com and watching as many video tutorials as you can. It’s the best thing online next to photography school. Shoot a lot, study a lot, and take classes. Become skilled and then worry about making money. This takes time. Good luck!
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